(1 Pack) -  Leather Sewing Awl Kit

(1 Pack) - Leather Sewing Awl Kit

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Are you having difficulty in sewing heavy-duty fabrics?

This awl set is excellent for quickly sewing and repairing sails, tent canvas, and other heavy-duty fabrics as well as securely lock stitching leather!

This set includes the Lock Stitch Awl, two needles (one heavy, the other fine) and a tightening wrench which can be stored in the contoured wood handle as well as a spool of black thread

This awl comes with two needles instead of one! The needle, with the thread in the eye, is pushed through the material. The thread is then pulled through the eye to extend it. As the needle is pushed through the material, the extra thread from the first stitch is then threaded through the loops of successive stitches creating a lock stitch.

You can now quickly sew easily with the remarkable Leather Sewing Awl Kit!